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Whitbread Log: Leg 1 to Cape Town
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Day 26 - October 16, 1997

17:45 GMT - 30° 58'S, 010° 55'W

Miles to Cape Town: 1,492

Place: 1st; distance ahead of 2nd-place boat: 115 miles

From: Paul Cayard, skipper EF Language

T he frenzy is calming down. The 48 hours of 30+ knots has given way to a broad reach of 20 knots as we have now succeeded in crawling over the top of this low-pressure system, which is slowing and losing intensity.

The crew are tired; we all are. We have pushed ourselves and the boat to stretch on our competitors, brick by brick, always southing as much as easting. The wind speed is to the south. So is the shift. It has been double good down here. Mark Rudiger told us that at Trindade and asked us to invest in the south. While it could have looked better, earlier, on the skeds, it now looks very good. And the investment is still paying and will continue for at least another day, we think.

Today I was saying to the crew as I was driving along, "Hey, I wonder what is happening with the stock market? I wonder if Alan Greenspan has coughed or farted and sent al the world markets into a tizzy?" Rudiger says, "Yes, that is the good thing about being out here. Anything could happen and you wouldn't know it. The only stock market that matters is the one we get every six hours and right now our stock looks pretty good."

I agree that it looks pretty good now. But sailing can be a fickle game. The wind changes . . . that is a fact. I never like to rest on a lead . . . maybe take less risk but always on the front foot.

You can be sure the crew of EF Language, each in his own area, will be doing everything possible to carry out this mission.

Paul Cayard
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