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Paul Cayard's Whitbread Log
Leg 8: Baltimore to La Rochelle

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  It is frustrating to watch the whole fleet sail off to the south, but I know we are doing the right thing for the overall standings.
Day 3 - May 5, 1998

0049 GMT
37° 5'N, 070° 11'W

Place: 3rd; distance ahead of Swedish Match (5th): 1.8 miles

Miles to La Rochelle: 3,044

From: Paul Cayard, Skipper, EF Language

Early this morning our water maker pump broke. No problem, we carry a spare. The spare did not work. Big problem. What are we going to do. No water anywhere on board. The emergency, hand-held water maker makes 1 cup of water per hour. A lot of work for very little water. Would we have to pull into Halifax and take a big loss on this leg or would we go for it and hope to catch some rain water? Did I want to risk everyone’s lives or was it time to realize that this is just a sport.

We starting rationing the water we made and taking turns on the hand held water makers. We made four liters in six hours . . . better than we thought. We made a tap in our mainsail foot to catch the water in the event it would rain. Stevie told me that he brought a lot fewer power-bars this time to save weight. That means, our only source of food is freeze dried, needing water. Bad luck.

As I stressed and started making the schedule for pumping the water makers, Magnus and Klebbe kept trying to get one of the pumps to work. Klebbe was thoroughly baffled because he said he had the pressure running in Auckland. After dismounting and remounting the pump 5 times, they took it apart and rebuilt it and in so doing found a small amount of rust or corrosion. They cleaned her up and remounted it. When it worked, you have never seen a happier group of people.

So, we are making water right now, have been for about 35 minutes, and so far so good. I think we will all be a little more tense each time that thing starts up.

Back out on the race track, we have been covering our friends in Swedish Match like a hawk. We believe that the proper route was the one Merit and Kvaerner are on, more southerly than ours. This should get them into the Gulf Stream first and, in my opinion, they are not paying much in the way of speed for that future benefit. But since all is not certain, we will stay right with Match, for better or worse, in the leg standings. It is frustrating to watch the whole fleet sail off to the south, but I know we are doing the right thing for the overall standings.

A new sched just arrived and we are first, with Swedish second. Merit and Kvaerner are last, 10 miles behind, but they are investing in a future payoff. It is too early to tell what the outcome of this will be, but one thing is for sure, we will be right next to Swedish Match.

Paul Cayard

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Leg 8 positions at 1200 GMT today:
  1. Toshiba
  2. Silk Cut
  3. EF Language (P. Cayard, skipper)
  4. EF Education
  5. Swedish Match
  6. Chessie Racing (J. Kostecki, skipper)
  7. BrunelSunergy
  8. Merit Cup
  9. Innovation Kvaerner
* Aggregate points total, including points scored for the earlier legs and points for the current leg according to present positions.

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