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Whitbread Log: Leg 5, Auckland to São Sebastião----------------------------- red rule ------------------------------
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  So far it is hot and slow, just like the beginning of Leg 2. I am sure it will be windy and cold before long.
Day 2 - Feb. 2, 1998

0538 GMT
38° 10'S, 179° 02'E

Miles to São Sebastião: 6,422

Place: 4th; distance behind 1st-place boat: 1.8 miles

From: Paul Cayard, skipper EF Language

It has been a light and tricky first 24 hours. We have been in as good a position as second and as bad as last. At midnight last night we fell into a hole, lost steerage, and did a full 360 before getting back on track. That was a first for me.

Today the breeze was stronger offshore and Chessie, Merit and Swedish Match made some good gains on the rest of us. They are currently about 6 miles ahead of our group, which is Silk Cut, Toshiba, EF Education and ourselves. [EFL had moved to 4th, 1.8 miles back by 1200.] Kvaerner and Brunel gybed into shore this afternoon, so it will be interesting to see how they make out as we converge on East Cape tonight.

The reason the winds are so light and fickle is that we are between two high-pressure systems, one weaker than the other. Tonight we will have to surpass the transition between the two and we should get a stronger, 12- to 15-knot northeaster tomorrow.

The big picture is still to work south as much as possible to pick up the first low-pressure system that should catch up to us on Wednesday. The first boat to catch that "train" should make some serious gains.

So far it is hot and slow, just like the beginning of Leg 2. I am sure it will be windy and cold before long.

We are getting used to the freeze-dried food and vitamin supplements again. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that we are experiencing some indigestion and the associated side effects.

Paul Cayard
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Leg 5 positions at 1200 GMT today:
  1. Chessie Racing
  2. Merit Cup
  3. Swedish Match
  4. EF Language (P. Cayard, skipper)
  5. Toshiba
  6. Silk Cut
  7. EF Education
  8. Innovation Kvaerner
  9. BrunelSunergy
* Aggregate points total, including points scored for the first, second, third and fourth legs and points for the fifth leg according to current positions.

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