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The Founders' Club provides the financial support
necessary to build our campaign and bring sailing
to the public at large.

Founders Club

Bring It Back!

The AmericaOne Founders' Club is a broad-based organization bringing together individual supporters, locally and globally, who are committed to bringing the America's Cup home.

"Our goal is simple: 'Bring it back,'" says Larry Finch, chairman of the Founders' Club. "Our purpose is to provide the essential support to Paul Cayard's AmericaOne challenge to bring the America's Cup back home."

Founders' Club commitment and leadership provides AmericaOne with a bridging tool as AmericaOne focuses on securing its Founding Corporate Partners. Before corporate sponsorships become available, AmericaOne must fund the critical early stages of design and research, which are vital to capturing the America's Cup. Your support can make the difference in the outcome on the water.

"We feel our early start is imperative," says Skipper Paul Cayard. "We have a real team, comprised of the best in this business, working on this project every day. But it's also difficult to fund, because corporate partners are hard to find this far in advance of the event. Yet, we know that spending money on design today will be a factor in the result in 2000.

"Enter the Founders' Club, under the direction of Larry Finch and Bill Leroy, has done an excellent job in a short period of time. Because of this, AmericaOne is one of the few teams that actually has a chance to win," Cayard says.

There are a wide range of investment opportunities for potential Founders' Club members; each level has a full range of membership benefits. AmericaOne is a 501(c)3 foundation; all donations are tax-deductible.

Founders' Club Officers:
Our premier program, your tax-deductible contribution will offer the greatest level of involvement in all AmericaOne activities.

Vice Chairman
Deputy Chairman

Skipper's Circle:
Critical to the success of the AmericaOne campaign, Skipper's Circle members will be directly involved in the challenge from today to the start of racing in New Zealand.

Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level


Crew's Circle:
Our broad base of Crew's Circle members will be connected to all of our activities through an exclusive AmericaOne newsletter and unparalleled opportunities to become involved.

Member $1,000

For additional information on how to become a Founders' Club member, please contact Chris Perkins at AmericaOne e-mail

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