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Design & Technology Program

The AmericaOne Design Team The America's Cup is a living symbol of superior technology. The event was founded on the basis of one country proving its technological superiority over another at sea.

That remains unchanged today. It is a competition between nations to determine which one can build the fastest International America's Cup Class (IACC) sailboat in the world.

AmericaOne founders are confident they have assembled the best technology partners and the most talented technical team available in America today, enabling them to create a sailboat capable of winning the America's Cup. This section provides an overview of the AmericaOne sailboat design program, the organizations and people participating in the program, and an explanation of the IACC sailboat and its design parameters.

AmericaOne Design Technology

The AmericaOne challenge is dedicated to employing the best technology in the world to design and construct its IACC sailboat. The syndicate will develop, refine and apply advanced technology in its design program, benefiting both the challenge and other industries, including ship, automobile and airplane design. The transfer of technology to and from the design program will be achieved via the participation of engineers and scientists from these various industries.

The most advanced components and techniques of technology integration will be used. These components, or tools, encompass:

Using high-performance supercomputers, data derived from these technology components will be integrated through a process known as configuration analysis, which accounts for the interactions between aerodynamic forces and hydrodynamic forces, and also interactions between fluid dynamic forces and structures.

The AmericaOne design/technology program will consist of the following three chronological phases:

  1. Research and Development - approximately 18 months
  2. Design Development - approximately two years
  3. Design Finalization - approximately one year

These phases will overlap in time, with a net duration of approximately four years. The program will commence during 1996 and finish in 2000, coinciding with the start of America's Cup final match.

However, history has shown that technology alone does not guarantee a winner. The AmericaOne design team will combine the best technology with the best intuition to create the fastest America's Cup sailboat. That intuition will be provided by some of the best minds in sailboat design today.

See Meet the Team for more information on the AmericaOne Design & Technology Team.

AmericaOne Technology Partners

Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing, Internet and intranet solutions, services, communications products and measurement solutions, all of which are recognized for excellence in quality and support. It is the second-largest computer supplier in the world, with computer-related revenue in excess of $35.4 billion in its 1997 fiscal year. HP has 121,900 employees and had revenue of $42.9 billion in its 1997 fiscal year.

In addition to supporting AmericaOne's America's Cup campaign, HP has a long history of involvement in worldwide sporting events dating back to the 1972 Olympics. HP also has supported past America's Cup campaigns, the Tour de France, World Team Tennis, The Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in the UK, Major League Soccer in the United States and the 1998 World Cup in France.

SAIC Science Applications International Corp. offers a broad range of expertise in technology development and analysis, systems development and integration, technical support services, and high technology hardware and software products. SAIC has been involved in the America's Cup as a technology partner since 1984, and is the founding technology partner for the AmericaOne Challenge for the America's Cup.