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Marc Cosbey

Shore Team Member

S hore Team Member Marc Cosbey also answers to Coz, Coz Machine, and Cozmo. He is a long-time associate of Shore Team Boss Brad Fitzgerald and was also a part of the '92 Il Moro program. In '93 & '94, he worked for the Team Nippon, building and maintaining their boats, then in '95, joined Fitzgerald Racing for the major America's Cup projects that year. There are very few aspects of the Shore Team duties with which Cosbey does not have expertise. In addition, he operates the boatlift and supervises the hauling and launching of the boats.

Cosbey joined the AmericaOne team in mid-November when oneAustralia arrived in Auckland. He worked with Fitzgerald on assembling and rigging her, as well as organizing and setting up the Auckland sailing base for the sailing team's arrival in January.

Cosbey loves to go mountain biking and skiing. He lives up in the High Sierras during the summer where he is caretaker for a large private ranch. Cosbey's other hobbies are Mexican cooking and sombrero collecting. His special brand of humor and unique vocabulary have made him a favorite of the crew and a major contributor to the team's morale.

e-mail Mark mcosbey@americaone.org


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