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1999 Pacific Sail Expo
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AmericaOne Volunteers at Pacific Sail Expo

AmericaOne's presence at the 1999 Pacific Sail Expo in-water boat show included tours of the IACC boat, AmericaOne and fun, new AmericaOne temporary tattoos!

Click here to read more about Pacific Sail Expo, the West Coast's largest on-water boat show. Pacific Sail Expo is held annually at Jack London Square in Oakland, California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay.

Click on each image for a larger version:

Jon Dekker and Robert Flowerman talk to guests and answer questions aboard AmericaOne's 1992 IACC boat.

Right: A view of the AmericaOne tent and 1/3 scale model

Left: AmericaOne supporters show-off their tattoos.

Left: AmericaOne's 1992 IACC boat docked at the Pacific Sail Expo, Jon Dekker and Robert Flowerman onboard.

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