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With Sadness of Heart:

To the Spanish America's Cup Challenge and the family of Martin Wizner:

On behalf of AmericaOne, I extend my sincerest sympathy to the Spanish Team and especially the family of Martin Wizner. Sailing is a sport that has risks, in fact, the risk of life. Whether sailing in 45 knots of wind 2000 miles from shore or training in 12 knots, the risk is always there. I think we all know that we are taking risks, but the risks are part of what make the challenge something worth pursuing. Martin was pursuing his dream. We all respect him deeply for that.

I know the Spanish Team will carry on with Martin's dream and come to Auckland and race in his honor.

Paul Cayard, Skipper
AmericaOne, January 29, 1999

From The Spanish Challenge:

Last Tuesday, the Spanish Challenge lost one of their best crew members while sailing in Valencia on their training boat. Martin Wizner died because of a fatal accident on his beloved duty. The block of the genoa halyard, which was at the mast step, broke releasing its sheave, which hit Martin in the head. The tremendous impact caused him an almost immediate death. At the time of the accident the boat was sailing peacefully in a twelve-knot breeze.

We would like you to transmit this bad news to all your crewmembers and the sailing community and ask them all to pray for his soul. Martin was crewmember of the Spanish Challenge in the last America's Cup. He was one of the best sailors in Spain having won numerous international awards.

All condolences may be sent to The Spanish Challenge e-mail: cade99@readysoft.es and will be forwarded to his brother Laureano who is also one of our crewmembers. -- Luis S Elenz Mariscal