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Paul Cayard: At the Helm
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Assembling a Winning Combination

Paul Cayard I want to give you my perspective on what it will take to win the America's Cup in 2000, and to tell you what sets AmericaOne apart from its competitors — to identify where AmericaOne's strengths lie. I think you'll see why I'm bullish on our challenge.

A1 logo Early start: In analyzing the Kiwis'victory in San Diego, it quickly became obvious that they had "out-teched" the world. The superior speed of Black Magic muted any potential battle of sailing talent. So, an early start is necessary by any serious challenger for the 2000 event.

AmericaOne got an early start. The effort was launched June 1, 1996, after several months of careful planning. That day a complete Board of Directors and operational staff were introduced, and the first technology team meeting took place. Since then we've been fully operational, working on design and corporate marketing every single day.

A1 logo Top Technical Team: The America's Cup is always won by the fastest boat. To get the fastest boat you need a technical team that's capable in various disciplines: aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, sail design, naval architecture, structural engineering, etc. Technology has played an increasingly important role in the America's Cup, but it's in the design analysis and yacht optimization process that technology has the greatest impact.

AmericaOne's technology team is led by 1987 America's Cup winning designer Bruce Nelson. In addition to Bruce and his staff, other team members include ... currently working on the project are John Kuhn, Eric Schlageter, Scott Graham and Rich Korpus and Don Wyatt from Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC); Frank DeBord of Scientific Marine Services; Robert Hook of North Sails; and Roger "Clouds" Badham, meteorologist; Winfred Fiefel, aerospace engineer. Further, AmericaOne's technology partners include SAIC, Silicon Graphics and Failure Analysis.

Once you find and build the two fastest designs, you optimize them right up to the last day. The sailing team plays a key role in this process, and the relationship between the sailing and design teams must be well established to make the most of this period.

A1 logo Sailors: For me, a talented group of sailors means a carefully crafted blend of America's Cup experience and youth. Youth brings a high level of enthusiasm and motivation to its commitment, so scouting for lesser-known names who have big talent is important.

John Kostecki and I are the cornerstone of a strong sailing team. This is my fifth America's Cup and John's third. This coming year we'll race in a number of events, and will involve the core of the AmericaOne team.

A1 logo Management: Coordinating the activities of 40 to 60 people working in ten different disciplines ranging from sailmaking to accounting — for four years — requires experience, knowledge and maturity.

Laurent Esquier, who is coordinating our operational activities, is in his ninth America's Cup. He started out as a sailor with France's Baron Bich at age 17 and worked up from there. We worked together on the Il Moro campaign in 1992. He currently oversees a staff of six in our San Francisco office.

A1 logo Financial Support: This is no small ingredient, as the budget for a winning campaign today is around $30 million. To raise this kind of money, you must prove your commercial value, and that of the event, to the corporate world.

AmericaOne is fortunate to have had strong support early on, coming mainly from St. Francis Yacht Club members, who provided the seed money to run our daily operations. Our corporate partner search is led by Craig Fuller, Andy Dolich, Sue Maffei Plowden and Ron Rosenberg. They are presenting our project to potential corporate partners.

A1 logo Board of Directors: Chairman Fritz Jewett, participating in his ninth America's Cup, is no stranger to the Cup, having won it three times. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Larry Finch heads the "Founders' Club", our private funding campaign. John McCaw, Craig Fuller, Doug Smith and I round out the Board.

I will summarize by saying that AmericaOne is a real, live entity, with some of the best people in this business working on the project full-time. We have a great team!

Please see the related areas of our informative website for additional details on each of these important areas, which are so vital to our success in 2000.

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