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Trinter and Reynolds Win Bronze Medal In Star Class At Sydney Pre-Olympics

With AmericaOne training and testing in San Pedro now complete, the team has scattered briefly to their homes or other sailing venues. Some members are already in New Zealand. In Sydney, Australia, Phil Trinter crewed for Mark Reynolds in their Star Campaign to represent the US at the 2000 Olympics. This report is from Trinter in Sydney at the IBM Sydney Harbor Regatta 1999, the last major event in Sydney before the Olympics next year.

Update, September 27, 1999

Race fans -

Sunday began with the weather looking like a lot like the weather we had on Saturday. We towed out to the race course hoping for the wind to fill for the final two races. We needed to gain five points on Colin Beashel and protect our five-point lead on Torbin Grael.

By noon time the wind had filled enough to get a race going. The tide was running north to south with good pace and the wind was from 110 degrees. We led the race from start to finish . . . except that when we crossed the finish line there was no gun.

We were OCS (started prematurely). We knew there were boats over and saw the Italians go back. They were to leeward and were bow-forward of us. Because of the tide, the committee boat's pennants were not visible and we could not see if the X flag was down, signaling that the OCS boats were all clear.

After the race we notified the race committee that we were going to protest. Mathematically Beashel had the regatta wrapped up but was forced to sail the last race not knowing what the outcome of our protest would be. Beashel finished sixth. If not for the OCS we would have been only one point behind Beashel going into the last race.

Instead we were now fighting for second, third, and fourth between Torbin and Ian Walker from Great Britain and ourselves. Torbin ended up winning the last race, giving him the silver medal, and we finished fourth which gave us the bronze. Colin Beashel fouled the British early in the race and did a 720 -- he finished the race last. Mark did not follow thru with the protest. It would have been unlikely that we would be reinstated. If not for the OCS, we did what we needed to do to win the regatta.

Over 400 sailors and 800 volunteers gathered at the prize giving and barbecue Sunday night. Although we did not win, finishing in the top three and being able to stand on the podium to receive a medal was pretty cool.

Phil Trinter
AmericaOne Sailing Team

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