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Samba Pa Ti Wins Farr 40 World Championship 1999

With AmericaOne training and testing in San Pedro now complete, the team has scattered briefly to their homes or other sailing venues. Some members are already in New Zealand. In San Francisco, John Kostecki and Morgan Trubovich from AmericaOne are sailing aboard John Kilroy's Samba Pa Ti at the Farr 40 World Championship.

Farr 40 Worlds - John Kostecki reports from Samba Pa Ti in San Francisco - Final Daily Update, September 14, 1999

It was an exciting last day of racing on San Francisco Bay to decide who would be the winner of the 1999 Farr 40 World Championship. Motoring down to the Berkeley Circle starting area, you could tell it was going to be a different day. The fog in Marin had burned off early and the fog in the San Francisco area was a lot thicker than normal. This caused a shifty Southerly breeze which put a premium on shifting gears and hitting the shifts.

On Samba Pa Ti we had to make up eight points on both Mascalzone Latino and Barking Mad to become World Champions. We had a simple game plan. Sail our own race and try to make up enough points to where we a reasonable shot at winning going into the last race . . . and we did just that! We won the first race of the day trading places in first with the Australians and then finally passing them on the last leg to win the race. We were able to keep Barking Mad back in 4th. The Italians finished 9th, their worst race of the regatta, which opened the door for us on Samba Pa Ti.

Going into the last race Barking Mad had 29 points and we were tied with the Italians on 34 points. Again, we needed to have a good race, so we started cleanly without match racing either of the boats at the start. We got off to a nice start in the middle and Barking Mad won the pin end and went to the left side of the course on the first beat. The Italians had a great start at the committee boat end and tacked and raced for the right corner. We ended up tacking and playing the middle. The wind at this time had built to 20 knots and all three boats were up front half way up the first beat. The wind started to shift to the right and the Italians tacked and ended up crossing the entire fleet to round the windward mark in 1st place. We fought hard up the beat and rounded in 3rd place, and Mad was back in the pack after missing the right hand shift up the first beat. Mad also hit the windward mark, and proceeded to do a 360 degree penalty turn. This put Mad out of contention for the World Championship. Samba Pa Ti sailed hot angles on the first run and passed the Italian boat to round the leeward mark in second place as the Italians rounded one length behind us in third. We covered them tightly because, at that point, we just had to beat them to win the World Championship. We sailed the final three legs covering the fast Italian team and finished second in the race, four-boat lengths ahead of the Italian boat to take the series lead for the first time and win the World Championship!

This was a great win for a great team on Samba. John Kilroy and crew did a super job sailing the boat under difficult conditions and handling some adverse times, but managed to stayed focused to win the regatta. Congratulations to the Samba crew!

John Kilroy, Owner and Helmsman
Eric Arndt, Mainsheet Trimmer and Boat Captain
Matt Ciesicki, Spinnaker Trim
Will Baylis, Stategist
Morgan Trubovich, Headsail Trimmer
Justin Smart, Pit
Nick Gibbens, Mastman
Hogan Beatie, Bow
John Kostecki, Tactician

Final standings (all races count) after nine races:

1. Samba Pa Ti, John Kilroy (USA), 3-1-2-6-5-15-1-1-2, 36 points
2. Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato (ITA), 5-6-1-2-3-2-6-9-3, 37
3. Barking Mad, Jim Richardson (USA), 1-2-8-1-1-9-3-4-13, 42
4. Southern Star, John Calvert-Jones (AUS), 7-5-3-8-28-10-2-5, 50,
5. Flyer, Doug Mongeon USA, 4-7-6-11-11-1-2-12-9, 63

John Kostecki
AmericaOne Sailing Team

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