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Louis Viutton Cup Report 11/07/99
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9 November 1999 (NZ)

Press release no. 24

Young America has suffered catastrophic structural failure during its race against Nippon Challenge.

Conditions at the time of the damage were winds approaching 20 knots, in one metre seas.

The American boat broke at the deck just behind the mast on the final upwind leg. There are cracks apparent from the shear line to under the water line, both ends of the hull have lifted in a banana shape.

Crew abandoned ship, and then returned to retrieve gear from the hull. They got all the sails off, saved the mainsail, and were able to fix a towline to it.

At this time, Young America is under tow, heading for shallow water with flotation bags and water pumps aboard.

All crew are safe.

For more information, Visit the Louis Vuitton Cup web site, or contact Bruno Troublé, Marcus Hutchinson or Keith Taylor on (+64 9) 359 1200.


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