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Kiwi Designer Joins U.S. Team

WENHAM, Mass. — Bruce Farr & Associates has been named as the principal designer for the New York Yacht Club America's Cup challenge, which is being organized by the PACT2000 racing syndicate.

The design firm, based in Annapolis, Md., is headed by New Zealand native Bruce Farr, one of the world's foremost sailboat designers. His credits include winners in such top international regattas as the Whitbread Round the World Race, Admiral's Cup, Commodore's Cup, Kenwood Cup and the Sydney-to-Hobart Race.

However, one trophy has eluded Farr: the America's Cup. It's not from a lack of trying. His previous efforts include three challenges led by Sir Michael Fay — the fiberglass-hulled KZ-7 ("Plastic Fantastic") in 1986-87; the court-contested "Big Boat" in 1988; and the radical tandem-keel boats in 1992 — as well as Chris Dickson's TAG Heuer challenge in 1995.

Farr's affiliation with PACT2000 is his first with a non-New Zealand team in terms of the America's Cup. This is permitted under America's Cup rules. However, a non-native designer must establish residency in the team's home country three years prior to the start of the America's Cup match, which is set for Feb. 26, 2000. Because Farr has been living in the U.S. for several years, he was already eligible to design for a U.S. team.

The only other U.S. team that has named its principal designer is AmericaOne, which has America's Cup winner Bruce Nelson on board.

For additional information on the pending competition, see the America's Cup XXX Fact Sheet.


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