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ACCA Meeting Makes Great Strides

One Year Before the First Race Begins, Final Media and Race-Management Agreements Were Announced at the ACCA Meeting

New York, October 28, 1998 - The America’s Cup Challenge Association (ACCA) has just concluded a productive meeting in Bermuda, reports Robert L. James, chairman of ACCA and Commodore of the New York Yacht Club (NYYC). The NYYC is Challenger of Record for America’s Cup XXX.

As announced last week in Paris, Louis Vuitton will be co-producer of the Challenger Selection Series, to be called the Louis Vuitton Cup, as in the past. Louis Vuitton, which began its association with the America’s Cup in 1983, will also organize the Media Center in Auckland. ACCA and all challengers are pleased and proud to have Louis Vuitton aboard again.

ACCA also announced an agreement with TAG Heuer to be Timing Sponsor for the Louis Vuitton Cup. TAG Heuer will also sponsor the America’s Cup Match, which starts in Auckland, February 19, 2000.

Agreement for North American broadcast rights for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup has been reached with ESPN, the American television network. Meaningful progress has been made in securing broadcast rights in other nations, such as Japan, Italy, Spain and France, as well. The 1995 America’s Cup was reportedly watched by 4 billion viewers in 172 countries.

Dates for the Louis Vuitton Cup (LVC) and the America’s Cup Match have been finalized:

Event Start Date
LVC Round Robin 1 October 18, 1999
LVC Round Robin 2 November 6, 1999
LVC Round Robin 3 December 2
LVC Semifinals January 2, 2000
LVC Finals January 25
America’s Cup Match February 19

Livius Sherwood, an eminent jurist who served 33 years as a magistrate, provincial-court judge and tax-court judge in Canada, has been elected to the ACCA Board of Directors. Judge Sherwood, an accomplished racing sailor for 44 years, has been serving on America’s Cup juries since 1974. He becomes the seventh board member, replacing Mason R. Chrisman, a NYYC director. Sherwood was chosen for his experience and because he is independent and not associated with any other challenger or competing nation. He was unanimously elected.

Other ACCA board members are Commodore James, David K. Elwell and A.R.G. Wallace - all of the NYYC - and Emili Miura, of the Nippon Yacht Club (Japan), Marco Piccinini, of the Yacht Club Punta Ala (Italy), and Douglas D. Smith, of the St. Francis Yacht Club (USA).

ACCA and the defender, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, will make a significant contribution to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the sport’s governing body, to help support its programs. The agreement is the result of a high-level meeting held last week in England. The amount is well in excess of contributions made for this sporting event in the past. The challengers and defender will now work with ISAF to assemble the best possible race-management officials.

Presently there are 16 challengers from 10 nations. Thirteen of them attended the October 25-27 meeting in Bermuda.

For further information contact Michael Levitt, communications director of the NYYC, at (401)683-6911 or email michaell@edgenet.net

AmericaOne is dedicated to recapturing the America’s Cup by applying U.S. technology in computer equipment, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, sail design, naval architecture and structural engineering to America's Cup sailboat design. Technology partners include Hewlett-Packard, Bellcore/SAIC and Ford Motor Company/Visteon. The AmericaOne team is comprised of 43 professionals, including 30 members of the design team actively working on the research and design of its sailboats. Operating since June 1, 1996, AmericaOne is the challenger on behalf of San Francisco’s St. Francis Yacht Club.

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