AmericaOne Advances to Semi-Final Round of Louis Vuitton Cup

The third and final round of Louis Vuitton Cup Racing commenced on December 2nd with ten matches scheduled per syndicate. The stakes in Round Robin 3 were the highest, with a win being worth nine points. The top six teams with the highest number of points at the end of three rounds advance to the Semi-Finals, which begins January 6th. Joining AmericaOne in the Semi-Finals will be Prada Challenge, America True, Le Défi Francais, Stars & Stripes, and Nippon Challenge.

The third, and final, Round Robin of Louis Vuitton Cup racing can be categorized much like the previous two rounds: Unpredictable. The majority of weather patterns were mild and weak, bringing light, shifty wind and hot days. Conditions made for long days on the water.

A strong showing in Round Robin 3 gives the AmericaOne Team both confidence and a feeling of being on target for the Semi-Finals. From now until the start of the first race in the Semi-Finals, the AmericaOne Team, including the sailors, shore, training, marketing, and administrative staff, will be focusing on one goal: Winning the Louis Vuitton Cup.

Summary of AmericaOne Races in Round Robin 3:

[Race 1, December 2] AmericaOne, won the first race of Round Robin 3 against FAST2000's be hAPpy (SUI 59) by 33s. The competition in the third round was drawn in a way that gave the AmericaOne team some early confidence. Combined with light wind in the 5-10 knot range, the team used the first three races to fine tune its crew work. The match against the Swiss Challenge, who suffered extensive hull damage in the first two rounds, was a simple task of staying ahead of SUI 59 from the start to the finish. AmericaOne accomplished this task effortlessly. One down nine to go.

[Race 2, December 3] AmericaOne beat Abracadabra (USA 50) by 3m 15s. This win moved AmericaOne into second place in the overall challengers' standings. With a substantial lead built by the AmericaOne team at the first leeward mark, USA 49 continued to increase and defend its lead.

[Race 3, December 4] AmericaOne, beat Young Australia (AUS 31) by 55s. The third race was a test of both crew work and boatspeed. The AmericaOne Sailing Team was challenged when the main halyard briefly slipped out of the halyard lock. A quick recovery meant little boat speed was lost, keeping USA 49 in front of the Aussies. After three hours and 14 minutes, the third win was in the bag for AmericaOne.

[Race 4, December 5] AmericaOne was narrowly defeated by 20s, by America True (USA 51). AmericaOne came off the starting line with a lead and the race against America True looked like it would be another win for USA 49. When a substantial wind shift caused the race committee to reset the windward mark, AmericaOne judged the change in error and handed USA 51 the lead and the win.

In other matches, Stars & Stripes was forced to withdraw from the race against Prada Challenge minutes before the prestart when the aft deck of USA 55 separated from the hull. Prada went on to sail around the racetrack to collect nine points. The Race Committee granted Stars & Stripes a 48-hour delay to make repairs, and the overall race schedule was modified.

FAST2000, unable to repair its mast that was broken in Race 2, withdrew from the Louis Vuitton Cup. Subsequent competitors were required to sail the course alone to earn their nine points for a win.

[Race 5, December 6] AmericaOne had its first victory against Prada (ITA 48) by 23s. The mid-series match of the two Challenger Series favorites, gave spectators a sensational race, that was full of surprises.

At the start, ITA 48 was penalized after a "give room" incident when it tacked too close and damaged the stern scoop on USA 49. AmericaOne kept close to the Italians throughout the entire race and although Prada kept a slight lead over AmericaOne, the match came down to the last leg of the race. With less than 100 meters to the finish Prada began its penalty turn and AmericaOne took the opportunity to pass ITA 48 and win the race.

"With the Semi-Finals on the horizon the race was key to our confidence to know that this team could be beaten," said AmericaOne Trimmer Terry Hutchinson.

[Race 6, December 7] AmericaOne beat The Spanish Challenge (ESP 47) by 11m 50s. This win put AmericaOne at the top spot on the Challengers board, although victory wasn't easily found. The predicted wind for the day never materialized and both USA 49 and ESP 47 sat on the course waiting and drifting. AmericaOne hung onto the lead, remaining patient, and crossed the finish line ahead, within minutes of the maximum time allotted for racing.

Wednesday, December 8 was a scheduled day off from racing for all teams except for two matches: Young Australia vs. America True and Young America and Stars & Stripes. AmericaOne used the day to conduct two-boat testing, with USA 49 and USA 61, on the Hauraki Gulf.

[Race 11, December 9] AmericaOne beat Nippon Challenge (JPN 52) by 9m 8s. Conditions remained fluky and it was questionable that racing would be held. After a delay by the Race Committee racing commenced. The wind strength held, but the direction changed with every leg varying by up to 15 degrees in either direction. Good, sharp tactics by the AmericaOne afterguard secured a lead for USA 49 and kept it until the end of the three-hour match.

[Race 7, December 10] AmericaOne beat Young America (USA 58) by 1m 8s. The win against our East Coast opponents secured our entry into the Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals. The AmericaOne Sailing Team controlled most of the race against Young America, often forcing USA 58 into bad air. "Clouds [AmericaOne Meteorologist Rodger Badham] was right on with his forecast," said Navigator/Backup Helmsman Gavin Brady. "We picked the left side and we took the left. We controlled the race."

[Race 8, December 11] AmericaOne narrowly lost a close race against Le Défi Francais by 45s. The ninth race of the round enjoyed ideal conditions with 13 knots of steady breeze. With the previous three days of weather consisting of wind speeds in the single digits, the race against Sixieme Sens (FRA 46) was a welcome change.

Off the start AmericaOne led, but halfway through the race an unpredicted shift surprised both teams, giving Le Défi Francais a slight lead. The remainder of the race was a close match of tacking and gybing with Sixieme Sens emerging as the eventual winner.

[Race 9, December 12] AmericaOne was defeated by Stars & Stripes by 35s. Round Robin 3 was completed in much the same way as it started: Light wind with no real pattern to the direction. AmericaOne won the advantage in the pre-start and had control of the course on the first windward leg, until an unfortunate wind shift gave Stars & Stripes the lead and the win.

"It was a good day [for Stars & Stripes] to be in front," said AmericaOne Trimmer Morgan Trubovich. "They were able to sail the shifts while we were forced to split from their tight covering tacks."

Race 10 on December 13 was a BYE for AmericaOne.

With the Semi-Finals approximately two weeks away, the AmericaOne team is busily preparing for the next phase in competition. Weather data collection from last January points to generally light air and typical New Zealand summer weather of long, hot days. The first three Round Robins in the Louis Vuitton Cup were important stepping stones for AmericaOne to get into the Semi-Finals. The next step is winning the Louis Vuitton Cup and taking on the defenders of the America's Cup.

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Round Robin 3 Sailing Team: Greg Prussia of San Francisco, CA, bow; Curtis Blewett of Los Angeles, CA, bow; Ralf Steitz of Port Washington, NY, mid bow; Bill Bates of San Diego, CA, mast/sewer; Josh Belsky of Hood River, OR, pit; Phil Trinter of Lorain, OH, grinder; Mike Howard of Malibu, CA, grinder; Matt Welling of Bay Shore, NY, grinder; Jim Nicholas of San Diego, CA, grinder; David McClintock of Portsmouth, RI, upwind trim; Morgan Trubovich of Newport, RI, downwind trim; Carter Perrin of Houston, TX, downwind trim; Gavin Brady of Annapolis, MD, runner; Paul Cayard of Kentfield, CA, helmsman; John Kostecki of Fairfax, CA, tactician; Morgan Larson of Capitola, CA, traveler; Terry Hutchinson of Annapolis, MD, mainsheet; Sean Clarkson of Middletown, RI, main assist, and Lexi Gahagan of Wilmington, DE, navigator.

AmericaOne's 17th crew in Round Robin 3: Race 1, Terry Anderlini, San Francisco, CA; Race 2, Grant Lilly, Auckland, New Zealand; Race 3, Ross Munro, Auckland, NZ; Race 4, Pierre-Louis Castelli, Paris, FR; Race 5, Tom Seip, Orinda, CA; Race 6, Sol Trujillo, Colorado, USA; Race 11, Alexa Seip, Orinda, CA; Race 7, Jim Butler, Castle Rock, CO; Race 8, Teena Fox, Auckland, New Zealand; Race 9, Susan Maffei Plowden, Jamestown, RI; Race 10 was a BYE.

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Race Results: Round Robin 3*

Nippon Challenge
America True
Stars & Stripes
Le Défi Francais
Young America
Spanish Challenge
Young Australia

*The top six syndicates with the most points advance to the Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals.

Paul Cayard: At the Helm

For every challenger, Round Robin 3 marked the first important hurdle in the quest to win the America's Cup. The Team accomplished our primary goal of qualifying for the Semi-Finals. In fact, AmericaOne was the first team to clinch a berth in the Semis. We are now halfway through the Cup season...with a lot of work to do to achieve our goal.

It was a successful round for AmericaOne. We decided to use USA 49 again even though USA 61 was ready to race. I have no doubts about 61's reliability, as she has been solid since her inaugural sail in 26 knots of wind. We chose to stick with 49 for two reasons, first because she was our benchmark and since all of the other two-boat teams had entered their second boat in the round, we were able to benchmark them. Secondly, 49 had been bashed a bit and we thought that there was still a chance of more damage. Again we were right: In Race 5 Prada hit our scoop.

No one, but AmericaOne, knows what we have in USA 61. We have spent a lot of time preparing for the conditions on the Hauraki Gulf. We pushed forward with 61 by making an appendage change during the round, which we would not have been able to do if she had been entered into competition. We started testing that change, while the rest of the fleet raced their last race.

We had a great streak going by consecutively beating Prada, Spain, Nippon, and New York. We really found our stride as a team - the boat was going well and the crew began to gel as a unit. After we beat Young America in Race 8, I wanted Gavin Brady to have time on the helm. In the event something happens to me, Gavin will be able to quickly step in and race. He did a good job against Stars & Stripes.

Our plan now is to optimize 61 and continue to strengthen our racing game. We will be making a few modifications to 61 during the break. We will be testing and racing against sure is nice to have two fast boats. Since our BYE was on the last scheduled day of racing, the sailing team took two days off at the end of the round. Racing was blown out for the next two days, which meant that we had two days off and returned to two-boat testing while the rest of the fleet raced the last race. It was a nice gainer, in terms of time.

I am bullish on our bullish as I would ever care to be. We have a new, fresh weapon to bring out for this all important round and the team is sailing better than ever.

The training that we will do in the next three weeks will strengthen us further. I fully expect AmericaOne to be one of the two finalists come January 15th. What are the risks? The biggest worry is that the Semi-Final series is a six-boat round robin. What this means is that the alignment of who you race and the weather on that day can make races either excessively difficult to win or excessively easy. If you get this "phase" right, you will have smooth sailing. Get it wrong and you could have an ugly week. This is where fate comes in. Whatever comes our way in the Semi-Finals, we will be ready.

Lycos Signs On as AmericaOne Sponsor

AmericaOne takes great pride in announcing its newest sponsor Lycos, Inc., the fastest growing Internet portal and the world's largest online community. "We're proud to have Lycos onboard as a sponsor to enhance the value to our overall campaign efforts," said AmericaOne Skipper & CEO Paul Cayard. "We have always prided ourselves on being technology savvy and there is no doubt in my mind that bringing sailing to a wider audience on the Web through Lycos will ultimately increase fan interest in the America's Cup and the sport overall."

Under the terms of the sponsorship the Lycos logo will appear on the boom and hull of both of AmericaOne's boats, USA 49 and USA 61, and will be seen by thousands of local Auckland spectators, as well as thousands of spectators worldwide via the Internet and TV. "AmericaOne connects us to a unique and historic sporting event that recognizes superior technology, design, and teamwork," said Jim Hoenscheid, Director of Promotions for Lycos. "We are looking forward to helping AmericaOne win."

Network Solutions Sponsors AmericaOne

Network Solutions, the world's leading registrar of Web address registrations, joins AmericaOne as a sponsor. To meet the challenges of winning the America's Cup, Network Solutions will infuse the team with strong financial support. The Network Solutions logo will appear on the booms of USA 49 and USA 61, as well as on

"Network Solutions comes to us at a time when we are eager to close in on the remaining budgetary dollars for our campaign," said Paul Cayard, AmericaOne Skipper and CEO. "Network Solutions is proud to back America's best hope to bring the Cup back to the U.S.," said Doug Wolford, senior vice president and general manager of Network Solutions' Registrar and Value-Added Services.

Win a spot as 17th Crew with AmericaOne

One lucky bidder will win a ride onboard AmericaOne in the
Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals,
in January, 2000.

Bid online at until December 23.

Highest bidder wins 17th crew spot, and a fantastic package,
2 Air New Zealand business-class tickets to Auckland, 4
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AmericaOne team gear,
a poster/photo sailing with Paul Cayard,
a signed, framed, limited-edition poster of AmericaOne,
a half-model of the boat, and two dinners with the sailing team.

A Winning Ride for Local Sailor

During the week of December 5th, the official radio station of the America's Cup, Auckland's Radio Hauraki (99.0 FM) ran a promotion to select a 17th crewperson for Race 8 of Round Robin 3. During the morning drive, Radio Hauraki DJs Mark Perry and Willie Dewitt interviewed AmericaOne sailing team members about themselves, the syndicate, and the day's events on the water. Listeners were asked to call in after the team interview with the correct answer to a trivia question based on their conversation. "It was fun," said AmericaOne Trimmer Morgan Trubovich. "Even though they publicly embarrassed me by disclosing my team nickname, Pork Chop." Trubovich's code name comes from his password at the local video store.

All of the names of each day's trivia contest winners were put into the Louis Vuitton Cup Trophy and on Friday, December 10th, one grand winner was selected to ride aboard USA 49 as the 17th crewperson. The drawing was conducted by AmericaOne Skipper Paul Cayard and Bruno Troublé, director of the Louis Vuitton Cup Media Center. The winner, Teena Fox, rode as 17th crew in the race against Le Défi Francais.

For a full report on Round Robin 3 racing, see page 1.

Santa visits AmericaOne Compound in Auckland

On December 5th all of the AmericaOne children were treated to a Christmas party at the base. Organized by Icka Cayard and Susan Ruhne, the party featured lunch, singing, and Christmas crafts.

Armed with glue, glitter, charms, and "jewels," kids decorated frames for digital pictures taken by Ruhne, with little Christmas trees, and wooden holiday shapes for the tree.

The highlight of the day was singing Christmas carols, with Annie Nelson and her daughter Chelsea providing organ accompaniment. The kids were prompted to sing "Jingle Bells" as loud as they could to see if Santa could be summoned by the joyous chorus. Sure enough, from around the corner the kids heard sleigh bells and the "Jolly Old Fellow" soon appeared. What delight in the children's eyes! Some of the little ones were amazed that Santa could find New Zealand so far away from the North Pole. They all took turns giving Santa their Christmas lists and then he was off in a dash. For our AmericaOne children, there will definitely be visions of Santa Claus every night until Christmas arrives, New Zealand style.

Ideas for AmericaOne Elves

All your AmericaOne Christmas shopping can be
done with one click of the mouse at
Team fleece jackets,
Air New Zealand tickets to Auckland, and
Hewlett-Packard posters of USA 49 and 61,
are some of the items sure to please
everyone on your list.

Louis Vuitton Cup Ball

On November 29th AmericaOne team members and guests attended the Louis Vuitton Ball. Held at the historic Civic Theater in downtown Auckland, the party's highlight was a 40-minute stage show spectacular featuring local Maori performers, opera, modern dance, beaming lasers, fog-filled atmosphere, performers descending on guy wires and world renowned violinist Laurent Korcia, who played a 1719 Stradivarius owned by the Louis Vuitton company. "The Louis Vuitton party surpassed all expectations," said AmericaOne COO Bob Billingham.

Close to 1,800 guests were treated to Möet & Chandon champagne and cuisine from around the world. VIP guests included Jean-Marc Loubier, directeur general of Louis Vuitton Malletier, former New Zealand All Black (rugby) players, the newly-elected Prime Minister Helen Clark, and Christine Fletcher, the mayor of Auckland.

The AmericaOne team received distinction from the Louis Vuitton organizers as the best dressed American syndicate. Our sailing team was dressed in dark grey Brooks Brothers suits and AmericaOne silk ties, and the female members of the team wore grey silk wraps over their evening wear. The wardrobe was coordinate by AmericaOne Shore Logistics Manager Sarah O'Kane and Jane Austin.

Ford/New Zealand Donates Vehicle

On November 29th AmericaOne was honored to participate in a ceremony with Ford Motor Co./New Zealand. Paul Cayard, AmericaOne Skipper and CEO, presented the keys to a Ford vehicle, renamed the Variety Club's Sunshine Coach No. 52, after the group responsible for the vehicle, to the Rosehill Special School in Papakura, New Zealand.

The Rosehill Special School is a school for 45 special needs children in varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability. The vehicle is used for transporting children to and from school, physiotherapy, and hospital appointments for families who don't have their own vehicle. It's also used to transport children to riding class, gymnasium, swimming, and the library.

"I'm very pleased to be involved in such a worthwhile project," said Cayard. "The smiles on the faces of the children are wonderful. It's a terrific project to be part of."

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