AmericaOne Report

Greetings from Trieste,

Terry Hutchinson
June 29, 2000

The 2000 Nations Cup concluded today with Russell Coutts and his team sweeping America True in the finals 2-0. They once again demonstrated excellent starting and boathandling putting on a virtual match racing display, proving again why they are the current holders of the America's Cup.

For AmericaOne, in our do or die race with Russell....Well, it was close but no cigar. Russell won the favored left side after we pushed him very hard down to the pin. AmericaOne started on port and for a majority of the first beat the boats were within a boatlength. Team New Zealand rounded the first windward mark with a two boatlength lead. AmericaOne had an awesome set and was able to gibe simultaneously with Team New Zealand. For the next five minutes AmericaOne slowly eked over the bow of the Kiwi's but could never quite get far enough forward to blanket Team New Zealand's wind.

At the leeward mark AmericaOne rounded right on the transom of the Team New Zealand and rolled into a tack. Team New Zealand extended for a couple of boatlengths and rolled into a tack covering AmericaOne. The decision was get downwind of the mark and start mixing things up in the middle. AmericaOne tacked to starboard and Team New Zealand crossed by half a boatlength and elected not to tack but take the right side keeping the starboard advantage. We chose then to split as long as we could as there looked to be better pressure left. There was and at the next crossing Team New Zealand tacked right in front of AmericaOne forcing AmericaOne back left. AmericaOne continued up to speed and as both boats completed their speed builds they tacked and met again in the middle with Team New Zealand tacking on AmericaOne. AmericaOne again tacked and began back left....Team New Zealand did a short speed build and tacked back to starboard. From here AmericaOne continued as the port layline was close and we knew with Team New Zealand doing the extra tack AmericaOne would be on there heels at the windward mark.

The final set was again great. At this point of the race we were three boatlengths behind and felt Team New Zealand's lead was big enough that we had to split and see if we could gain. AmericaOne gybed to starboard and Team New Zealand continued on port. The next time the boats would meet would be at the finish line with Team New Zealand winning by about 10 seconds. Oh well!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul (Cayard), Josh (Belsky), Stu (Argo), Peter (Doriean), Jerry (Kirby), and Greg (Prussia) for an awesome job. They were a great group of guys to race with, and I would also like to thank Air New Zealand for their sponsorship of AmericaOne at this event. Kathy Watson, coordinated all our flights through Air New Zealand and it was awesome. Thanks! On deck for me is the Tour de France. This is a race that starts in the northeast corner of France and races all the way around the coast eventually ending up in the Mediterranean. It is a combination of endurance racing and short in-shore racing. All to be done on the Mumm 30. Should be awesome!



About AmericaOne

AmericaOne was the USA's leading challenger for the America's Cup 2000. The team competed in Auckland, New Zealand for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the right to challenge New Zealand for the America's Cup in February 2000. AmericaOne built two boats based on four years of technology development and innovation. Top level technology partners are Hewlett-Packard Company, Network Solutions, Telcordia Technologies, SAIC, Ford Motor Company/Visteon and United Technologies Corp. AmericaOne represents San Francisco's St. Francis Yacht Club.

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