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AmericaOne New Zealand Chronicles:
We Raced Our Hearts Out

Daily Report - Saturday, December 11, 1999 -

Auckland, NZ

At the start of today there was much speculation in the yachting world as to whether AmericaOne would throw their 3rd race to the French in order to assist with the early departure of the other contenders. Well, I'm here to tell you that is was business as usual at 155 Halsey Street. We started off the day with a routine stretch, followed by a tactical meeting trying to figure out how to best deal with Bertrand Pace and the rest of the French crew. In Round Robin 2 they proved to be a more than a worthy opponent and we were weary of their Round three boat speed improvements.

The race began in a moderate northwesterly with USA 49 entering from the right. Paul did a marvelous job containing Pace in the pre-start maneuvering which resulted in 49 winning the start on the favored end of the line. John Kostecki did a great job picking the correct shifts on the first beat, and although the French boat showed signs of speed and height, 49 was able to reach the mark 20 seconds ahead of the French. A tough downwind battle followed with Cayard taking Pace beyond the leeward mark and returning upwind to the leeward mark to round again ahead by a similar margin. The next beat saw the French close to within one boat length at the windward mark. A fierce downwind battle for the lead ensued. With just a few hundred meters to go to the bottom mark the French boat was able to roll us, and a fierce gybing duel took place all the way to the mark rounding. French were able to round clear ahead of 49 but we weren't giving up. A tacking duel followed which saw the 49 gaining all the time. At times the boats were as close as 10 feet apart, by the time we reached the weather mark the French had a one boatlength lead but we were on their tail. We were not able to get around the French and they were extended their lead to the finish due to a 10 degree wind shift. Race over. This was probably one of the more gripping races of the Louis Vuitton series to date, and we raced our hearts out. It was one of those races you love to be in, but hate to lose. All in all, not a horrible day at the office.

Tomorrow DC beware!

Josh Belsky
AmericaOne Sailing Team

About The Challenge

AmericaOne is one of the leading challengers for America's Cup 2000. The team is currently competing in Auckland, New Zealand for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the right to challenge New Zealand for the America's Cup in February 2000. AmericaOne has built two boats based on 4 years of technology development and innovation. The top level technology partners are Hewlett-Packard Company, Telcordia Technologies/SAIC, Ford Motor Company/Visteon and United Technologies Corp. AmericaOne represents San Francisco's St. Francis Yacht Club. To learn more about AmericaOne visit: www.americaone.org.

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