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AmericaOne New Zealand Chronicles:
We still have a lot to accomplish but everything is in place

Daily Report - Tuesday, November 16, 1999 -

Auckland, NZ

Today was one of those days that we all became sailors for. With sunny skies and a beautiful building northeasterly sea breeze the AmericaOne Team was ready for battle. After yesterday's defeat to Prada we re-grouped and were ready to grab some points and position ourselves back in the top three. Our opponent today was our friend from Hawaii. John Kolius and his team on Abracadabra were also looking for win but today wasn't their day! Paul came out of the barn with all guns blazing. Our first confrontation with them after entering the starting area resulted in Abracadabra being tagged with a foul by the umpires. After three laps of great sailing AmericaOne pulled out to a 2 minute and 52 second win. AmericaOne Founder, Bill Leroy, sailed as our 17th man. As soon as we finished he was straight into the speedboat and racing for the airport. Thanks to Bill and all of the other Founders' that have been down over the last few weeks to support the team. Once ashore the sailing and shore teams were straight to work on our new boat USA 61. Now she sits in the yard with keel, rudder and mast all attached and ready to go. Tomorrow we will christen the boat before we head out to race Dennis Connor and his team on Stars & Stripes. USA 49 & 61 should see some two boat testing by early next week. We still have a lot to accomplish but everything is in place and we have a team dedicated to winning the race!

Morgan Larson
AmericaOne Sailing Team

About The Challenge

AmericaOne is one of the leading challengers for America's Cup 2000. The team is currently competing in Auckland, New Zealand for the Louis Vuitton Cup and the right to challenge New Zealand for the America's Cup in February 2000. AmericaOne has built two boats based on 4 years of technology development and innovation. The top level technology partners are Hewlett-Packard Company, Telcordia Technologies/SAIC, Ford Motor Company/Visteon and United Technologies Corp. AmericaOne represents San Francisco's St. Francis Yacht Club. To learn more about AmericaOne visit: www.americaone.org.

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