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AmericaOne Steinlager/Line 7Chronicles:
2 Out of 3 in the Afternoon

Daily Report - March 23, 2000-

Auckland, NZ
With Group 2 finishing their first Round Robin this morning the A1 team sat on shore and watched the races trying to pick up any tips tactically and crew work wise and discussing game plans so we could go out fired up.After our fine RNZYS lunch we got our chance to go out and redeem ourselves after yesterdays efforts The way the Steinlager Line 7 Cup format works is that after we have completed our first round the competitors are alternated between groups, so we end up racing 4 new teams and 3 of the original. In our new group we faced two teams with more points, Cameron Appleton (NZL) and Andy Green (GBR) both on 6 wins.

Racing started in a building SW breeze so the MRXs were using smaller jibs, much to our disappointment!! First up was Green, Gavin got a prestart penalty on him and we managed to sail away from him and win by a comfortable margin regardless of the penalty. The next race was against Weiser(GER), once again we got a penalty on him, and to make it worse we held him out at the committee boat, making it a rerun of race 1. However or 3rd and final race of the day didn't go so well, we misjudged the tide and allowed Holmberg(SWE) room at the boat, we stayed right on his tail, throwing plenty of flags at him, but couldn't get around him.

So at the end of day 3, in our round ( the other group are still sailing) the standings are....
Appleton 9-1
Green 8-2
Brady 7-3
Gilmour, Weiser, Holmberg all on 4-6

Basically to make the semis (top 2 in each group) we need to win all our races tomorrow, so wish us luck.......

More tomorrow.

Sean Clarkson
AmericaOne Sailing Team


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