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AmericaOne Steinlager/Line 7Chronicles:
Trying to Defend the Steinlager Line 7 Cup

Daily Report - March 22, 2000-

Auckland, NZ

Hi everyone,
AmericaOne is still together and this week we are trying to defend the title that we won in 1999. The Steinlager Line 7 Cup is a Grade 1 match race and uses the same format that the America's Cup uses. The AmericaOne team competing this year is Gavin Brady (helm), James Baxter (main), Morgan Trubovich (trim), Sean Clarkson (pit/tail) and Pieter van Nieuwenhuyzen (bow). The event has grown in size this year, for the first time in 20 years, having 16 teams competing. With only 11 identical Farr MRX yachts, we will sail in two groups until the semi finals. The groups are:

Group One

Peter Gilmour (JPN)
Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN)
Marcus Weiser (GER)
Bertrand Pace (FRA)
Gavin Brady (AmericaOne)
Peter Holmberg (USVI)
Lars Nordbjerg (SWE)
Chris Dickson ( NZL)

Group Two

Luc Pillot (FRA)
Magnus Holmberg (SWE)
Dean Barker (NZL)
Andy Green (GBR)
Bjorn Hansen (DEN)
James Spithill (AUS)
Phil Douglas (NZL)
Cameron Appleton (NZL)

Today we sailed our first three races. We were lucky to be the only team in our group to win all three. In the first race past World Match Race Champion Bertrand Pace luffed very hard 5 seconds before the start in an attempt to push us over the line. There was contact and Pace was penalised. The race was close from there, but we protected the lead and won by about a minute.

In Race 2 we faced German Marcus Weiser, ranked #8 in the world. We had a nice start and sailed fast to lead comfortably around the track.

Our third race win came against Danish World #5 Jes Gram-Hansen. At the first cross after the start, he was able to do a leebow tack underneath us. However, we were sailing fast and did a nice job of gradually rolling over him. The boats were only a few feet apart as we slowly went forward. Eventually he luffed us, but with our little edge in speed, Gavin was able to control the boat nicely and we got in front of the Danish team. The race was close from then on, but we held on to win our third race.

Group Two sailed in the afternoon. Tomorrow both groups finish the first round robin, completing the final four races each.

The AmericaOneTeam is going to write daily reports each day of racing. Stay tuned, these regattas always seem to get more interesting as they go on !

Morgan Trubovich.
AmericaOne Sailing Team


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