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Select here to Download Complimentary 656K Screensaver, (Use Internet Explorer for Best Results)
Dec 18, 1999: Once again, to thank our fans for there continuing support, we are pleased to share our new Screen Saver featuring high quality racing shots from Round Robin 2 and Round Robin 3.




Select here to Download Complimentary 833K Screensaver (Use Internet Explorer for Best Results)

May 28, 1999: To thank thousands of our fans and America's Cup afficianados from across the globe, we are pleased to annouce the distribution of a free, high-quality screensaver featuring AmericaOne's training aboard Aus 31 in Auckland, New Zealand this winter.

This screensaver is optimized for 15-17" browsers using screen resolutions of 800 x 600 pixels. To download, simply click on the link above. To install, simply double-click on the file "Amerone.exe" in the Windows file management utility Explorer (sorry, no Macintosh version available yet.)

Look for more exciting, previously unreleased photos coming soon! Also, look for new screensavers as AmericaOne enters its summer training sessions aboard its new boats in Long Beach, California.



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